MBAMBA – Masters of business administration

MBA is a two year programme being offered by a university which is approved by UGC in India. The programme MBA was Developed in 1900 in US (it started in India almost in late 50’s) for Creating a Advanced Degree in the field of business Management. The Idea of creating this programme was to develop Managers having a wide knowledge about the business world and to invent new Business for creating Jobs for people. MBA is a degree which is a world wide recognized post graduation Degree.

MBA is a post graduate management programme which is perused after successful completion of the graduation of background fields Like BBA, BCA, B Tech, B Com, MBBS, BDS, BA, B-Arch etc.

The Core idea of MBA is to involve like minded people to get trained for Management Roles in Once life and Corporates for having a Career Growth, Better Position, Better Salary involving people to business side rather than the technical side. MBA provides the necessary inputs to help run a business enterprise better and to tackle the vagaries of the corporate world.

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